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At some point I felt I had to explain something about the genetic background for the different colours and patterns found in cats. The idea came to me to put together some pages to help other cat people with a little genetics.

There is a section that deals with the genetics on colours and patterns and you will find explanations about most of these genes. You will also find help in determining the genetic code for a cat and how to make a theoretical "mating" between two cats with a known genetic code.

The other parts of these pages deal with the Fife standards for colours and patterns and in between there are some pages that link the two sections together.

Explanations about the genes:
Here you will find a short but simple explanation for each of the genes that work on colours and patterns. I have tried to make it as simple as possible, and it is absolutly incomplete. If you would like to know more,there are people who have done a great deal of work you can use.  Just follow the links I have put together.  But be careful - out there in the cyberspace there are no qualitycontrol and there are some weird theories around

To find the genetic code for a cat:
Breeding cats in different colours it is important for you to know the genetic code (the genotype) for your cat/s.  All you have to do is answer the questions by clicking on the relevant answer; eventually the genetic code will appear. You should print the last page if you are going to use it afterwards. (Print in landscape, as it is on the website.)

To make a theoretical mating:
If you know the genetic code for two cat you want to mate, this is a way to se the possible offspring of this mating. 
It would come in handy if you make the genetic code first, as you require it in order to do a theoretical mating. When you have answered all the questions, there is an explanation as to how you "read" the results. (Unfortunately, I am not able to make it work so that all the possible kitten colours automatically show themselves – you will have to do some work on paper.)

To read a theoretical mating:
Just a little help to "read" the "mating" and see which colours and patterns are possible from this particular mating.
I have a different way to that of most genetic books on how to find out the possible colours and patterns; of course I find my way simpler than the big squares with all the letters and names.

To see the colours and patterns and a little about their genetic:
Here I have tried to explain the colours and patterns as well as the genetics behind them.

FIFe-STANDARD Category IV - Table of Contents

FIFe standards of basic colours.

FIFe standards for tabby patterns

FIFe standard for SIA/BAL/ORI/JAV

FIFe Syntax diagram of colourvarieties Balinese/Siamese

FIFe Syntax diagram of colourvarieties Javanese/Oriental

FIFe Scale of Points: Oriental Cats

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