Explanation to genetic code for a mating


In my system findig out what possible kittens can come after a mating, I always start finding out the gentic combination of the two cats inwolved. 
Looking at a cat to me, is not to se a cat in a specific colour or pattern, I se a cat build of severel differen genes working together forming a cat in that specific colour.  The teoreticly "mating" can be made from the genetic code you have established earlier.

 When you have made the cobinations after a "mating", you start looking a each set of genes. The things below is ment as an example of a random mating, and if you draw on a piece of paper the possible combinations, you will in the end get all the possible genetic combinations for kittens after the "mating".

Acturally the exampel is a mating between Black spotte and a Blue with the gentic combination:
Aa Bb Cc Dd TT and aa Bb CC dd TT

You start with:
The A gene

[ Aa ]

[ aa ]

Then you add the combination for the B gene (klick here)