Fence around the garden

A large part of our garden is fenced in in so our cats have free access to the garde all year and 24 hours a day.
The arear is about 1000 square meters and is in daly life refered to at the "catgarden".
That is the part of the garden we are normally using during the summer and there is access to the garde through our winter garden.
This makes it possible for us to enjoy the company of the cats all summer out in the garden.

Der er to "menneske" indgange - store nok
til at havetraktoren kan komme igennem

We have many time been asked how we have don , so that is why we have made theese pages and some simple explanations.
This has been working for us - but ther is no guarenti that it will work for somebody else.  We have had this fence for about 8 years now and during this 8 years we have never had a unwanted cat in the garden and only two kitten who accidentally fell outside the fence.
The garden is quite hilly with lots of big bushed and trees. It han not caiused any problems so far.


The cat which is  living on these premeses are Oriental Shorthais who indoor has no problems in jumping from the floor to the top of a door. It is our experience, that cat do not jump over a fence but always jump (or climb)  up and then jump down.  If they jump for the top of the fence they will get a chock and imidiatly jump back.

After that they NEVER try again.