(Kind of a Danish sausage)

(Recipe from my grandmothers book "NUTIDS MAD - Husmoderens håndbog fra1936" "CONTEMPORARY COOKING" - handbook for housewives from 1936)

In our house it is not Christmas without this "medisterpølse".

3 kg pork meat of which 2/3 is lean and 1/3 of a more fatty content- Ex. neckpieces of two pigs at app. 7o kg. with some of the fat left on, or just use pork meat - , 1/2 litre cold soup or water, 1 1/2 topped spoonfuls of salt, 1 topped Teaspoonful pepper and if you like - 2 grated onions of middle sizes. If you want the sausage spicier (what I recommend) add a teaspoonful grounded allspice and ginger. - The meat is minced 2 times with the mincer and is mixed thoroughly and a long time with the sup, which is put in a little by little. Taste the minced meat (bound with flour and eggs) (that’s what my dictionary says!) to se if it is spicy and OK. The meat is put in a pig guts with the mincer and a "sausagehorn".

If you want to keep the sausage for a couple of days, they can be cooked on the frying pan and thereafter be put in a bowl with the water. If the fat dos not cover the sausage you can use palmbutter. (I guess that the easiest way of preserving the sausage today is in the freezer).



In Denmark we eat this kind of sausage fried on the pan with potatoes and a brown sauce.

At Christmas the sausages are eaten with the rye bread and red cabbage in sweet vinegar.