Dorthes brown cookies

This recipe comes from my grandmothers hand-written cookbook. When she has written the book I do not know, but in the book there is a description of how to make marzipan without almonds and how to make your own soap, so I think she has made it during 2. World war.

1/4 kg Butter
1/4 kg Sugar
125 g Syrup
1/2 kg Flour
3 Teaspoonfuls Cinnamon
1/2 Teaspoonful clove

1/2 Teaspoonful Ginger
1 Teaspoonful cardamom
200 g Almonds
Candied peel
bitter orange peel
7 g Potash (app. = 3 Teaspoons)

Syrup, Sugar and Butter are heated to almost boiling. Potash is mixed with a little boiling water and thereafter mixed in with the other spices. 1/2 kg. Flour and the almonds (freed of the peel) are mixed in.
The dough is knead and rolled into 2 rolls. (Keep on until the rolls are cold and nicely rounded).
Cut the rolls in paper-thin slices. Put them in the oven in 4 5 minutes.

The cookies are fast, easy and melt in the mouth.